3 Easy Ways to Organize Your Keys

3 Easy Ways to Organize Your Keys

It’s startlingly easy to lose your keys. Here are some easy ways to organize them.

It’s startlingly easy to lose your keys. For instance, take a minute to think about the Thanksgiving holiday meal you had with your family last week. Did you need some relief and to get out of the house? Hard to do that if you can’t find your keys. Here are some easy ways to organize them.

Add Nail Polish

The first thing you can try is to add some nail polish. This can differentiate your keys, especially if they all look the same on first glance. Grab your keys and flatten them out on a paper towel, or a newspaper, or a pile of napkins. That way, the surface you’re working on won’t get stained. Then gather up the nail polish you plan on using; borrow some from a friend or relative if you don’t have any on hand. Give each key a different color and create a list indicating the meanings behind the colors. Let one side of the key dry off before you tackle the other side. Once all the polish is dry, you can put the keys back together.

Use a Marker

Another solution is to use a marker. This is especially useful if you don’t want to make too much of a mess or the smell of nail polish gives you a headache. Start by prepping each key with some transparent nail polish. Then use your marker to decorate the keys. This way you can establish different colors for different key purposes (one is a house key, one is for the car, another for the office, and so on) but you may also want to add numbers or shapes and keep a list on your phone what the symbols mean. Clearly marking the keys with their purpose is a good idea in theory, but a bad way in practice in case you ever lose your keys.

Use Different Rings

If you have several keyrings at your disposal, then you should use them! The keys you use most often can be kept together for ease of access, but keys you don’t use as often can be kept on their own rings so you can find them more easily whenever you do need them. Even if you don’t have separate key rings, that isn’t a huge concern. You can also experiment with zip ties so that you don’t have to spend too much money to get organized.

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