3 Troubling Signs Your Locks Are Broken

3 Troubling Signs Your Locks Are Broken

Here are some troubling signs that your locks are broken. What will you need to do next?

Now that 2018 is over and the New Year has just started, you’ll probably be away from home more often. But imagine coming home to find that your locks have been damaged in some way. Here are some troubling signs that your locks are broken. What will you need to do next? Call a locksmith!

No Entry

When you notice that someone has been inside your home, but there hasn’t been any forced entry, then that’s not a good sign. For one thing, it could mean that you have a few spare keys missing. Anyone who has ever had a key to your locks means they can easily make a copy. Putting in new locks and rekeying the doors will go a long way in preventing future intrusions. Plus, it might not be the front door that is the problem – you should check all of your doors and windows, just in case.

Damaged Door Hardware

Take a second look at the door hardware. If it’s destroyed, then it’s likely that the locks on the door are damaged as well. A damaged lock is no longer secure and can either be jammed so that it won’t open, keeping you from escaping during an emergency, or be easier to open by unwanted visitors. Replacing your current locks is the best response to this situation, as is upgrading to access control systems and adding video cameras to increase the security around your home.

The worse the damage is, the more likely you’ll need replacements to address potential compromisation issues. If the jam itself is broken, that means that the deadbolts and chain latches won’t be able to work as they once did. Also, the lock cores might have been drilled out, which is just as alarming. Keys won’t be able to work with this locks, so you’ll need new ones installed instead.

Locks are Worn

Once the door hardware is intact, you need to make sure the rest of the door is safe. Sometimes, this might call for a door to be repaired or even replaced. If the locks are worn out, then it’s time to do this. After all, you can never be sure if someone is trying to get in with a key, or if they are trying to pick the lock. You’ll need to consult a professional locksmith, who can come and inspect the locks. They can also repair or replace them as necessary.

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