3 Unusual Uses for Your Keychain

3 Unusual Uses for Your Keychain

Take a look at your keychain. How many keys do you have on it?

Take a look at your keychain. How many keys do you have on it? You might have multiple keys for your house, depending on which door you need to open. You’ll also probably have one for your car, your office, and any commercial storage units that you rent. But there are other ways to use your keychain besides practical purposes. Let’s look at some of them.

As Flashlights

Even though the days are longer in the summer than in the winter, that doesn’t mean you can see after nightfall. Whether you’re taking your dog for a late night walk or if you’re leaving the retail store you work at and need to cross the parking lot, having a flashlight on your keychain can make walking around much easier at night. Plus, you won’t have to use up some of the battery on your phone by turning on the flashlight mode.

As Bottle Openers

Bottle openers are a necessity at any summer get-together. Instead of wasting time hunting for a bottle opening gadget in your kitchen, you can keep socializing without having to leave the conversation. Although you can sometimes find a bottle opener attachment on your can opener, it’s much easier to just keep a bottle opener on your keychain. That keychain bottle opener could be a souvenir from a particularly memorable trip, branded with your favorite sports team’s logo, or represent the place where you work.

As ID Cards

Depending on the security system used for the office or store where you work, the employees could need a key card to enter the building. If you can keep a copy of your library card on your keychain, then it shouldn’t be too difficult to keep an ID card for your business on your keyring as well. That way, all employees can have a quick way to provide their access credentials. The only real dilemma that could arise with this use of a keychain would be finding ways to prevent an ID card theft. One idea is to use lanyards. These lanyards will make it easier for employees to keep track of where their ID card, especially if they work for a government contractor or are a civilian employee of a government agency or military branch. Plus, using lanyards and ID card holders on a keychain and lanyard combination is a trick that many first-year college students are familiar with as well!

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