4 Questions to Ask About the Safes in Your Home or Office

4 Questions to Ask About the Safes in Your Home or Office

The first and most common question has to do with the size of the safes you choose.

Buying a safe is a great decision. However, as with many other items in your home or office, there will be many questions to answer before you can decide which one is best suited for your needs. Here is a look at four of the most common questions you will likely ask

How Big is It? 

The first and most common question has to do with the size of the safes you choose. The size of the safe depends on what you want to keep inside it – keepsakes, important documents, money, or family heirlooms, for instance. Other examples of what you could hold in your safe include sensitive schematics or data that you want to keep safe (especially in a workplace environment) along with birth certificates, marriage licenses, and passports. In the end, you will need to choose your safe based on current conditions and predicted needs in the future

How Fire-Resistant Is It?

The second question you will most likely ask has to do with fire-resistance. A fire in your home or office can bring catastrophic consequences, so you will want to be sure that whatever you keep in your safe, it will be protected in the event of an emergency like this actually happening. There is a rating scale for how fire-resistant a safe is; a Class E safe can withstand flames for half an hour if the fire is only 1550 degrees, but a Class A safe is your best bet. After all, it can resist a 2000-degree fire for up to four hours! 

How Tamper-Proof Is It? 

The third question to ask is in regards to tampering. In other words, how tamper-proof is it? This means that it is harder for burglars or untrustworthy family members to break into when you are not there or unable to monitor it, such as when you are asleep. Some safes can be hidden inside a closet or behind other furnishings to make them harder to find, but this won’t always stop someone clever and determined enough to uncover it. A heavy-duty safe may be more expensive, but you will be glad that you paid for it!

What Other Features Does It Have?

Finally, be sure to ask about what other features it has. What do the locks look like? Can it resist water as well as fire? Does it need a battery? How affordable is it? Even when you answer one question, others will pop up, but in the end, it is all worth it as long as you find the safe that you are meant to have!

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