4 Reasons a Certified Locksmith Is Worth It

4 Reasons a Certified Locksmith Is Worth It

Certified locksmiths receive extensive, rigorous training at registered organizations that you can research and verify easily. Why else should you trust a locksmith?

There are lots of problems with locks that may cause you to need to replace or repair them on your home or business. Perhaps you or an employee misplaced a key. Maybe you need new locks for a recently purchased home or business, or you had an employee leave, and they took their key with them, so you need to rekey or replace the locks you have. Regardless of the reasons for it, this is a job that you should not DIY or trust to a novice. While it might seem like an easy project, it is one best left to the professionals.


Certified locksmiths receive extensive, rigorous training at registered organizations that you can research and verify easily. This training allows them to repair and work with a variety of lock types and to also provide knowledgeable information to customers about security and safety concerns. Their certifications provide you with peace of mind in their knowledge. Unfortunately, people with little to no training and scam artists try to pass themselves off as locksmiths fairly often. They can cause considerable and costly damage to your locks and doors if they don’t actually know what they’re doing. Protect yourself and your property by ensuring that your locksmith is certified.

Bonded and Secured

Certified locksmiths should be bonded and carry insurance. While they are trained to handle the locks with care and to know what they’re doing, accidents do occasionally happen. In such a case, knowing they carry insurance that will cover the damage is good peace of mind – something you won’t get if you DIY or use an amateur. Additionally, sometimes the job may take longer than you can stand around waiting for it to be done. Certified locksmiths who are bonded can be left to do their work without worry on your part.

Advanced Equipment

Certified locksmiths have the appropriate tools for the job, whatever that job may be. They also keep up-to-date on the latest techniques and tools of their trade. Amateur locksmiths often do not, and this can lead to them using the wrong tool and causing unnecessary damage.

Reliable Experience

Finally, reputable and reliable companies only employ certified locksmiths, so you know you are getting the right kind of service. They have years of training and expertise in the field, so you can trust that they know what they’re doing, and they keep their knowledge current. Technology is constantly changing so don’t trust the safety and security of your home and business to someone who might not know what they’re doing.

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