4 Simple Ways to Keep Your Keys Organized

4 Simple Ways to Keep Your Keys Organized

Have you ever fumbled with a set of keys at your own front door? Do you scramble to find the right key to unlock the back patio?

Have you ever fumbled with a set of keys at your own front door? Do you scramble to find the right key to unlock the back patio? Has the disorganization of your keychain become more than an everyday inconvenience? If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, it’s time for a change. We’ve entered the year of 2020, but your keychain is stuck in the 1920s! Discover how you can keep your keys organized with four easy tricks from Village Lock & Key

Visit Your Local Hardware Store 

Your local hardware store is full of helpful wonders. They can provide you with keycaps to distinguish one key from the other. They can even print new keys for you with custom designs to fit your aesthetic! Are you a Baltimore Ravens fan? Show your pride on your keys! Keys with caps or newly printed keys will help you identify each key quickly and efficiently. 

Paint Your Keys with Nail Polish

Nail polish doesn’t just make your hands look glamorous, it’s also perfect for your keys! If you use nail polish regularly, consider using a polish that you don’t plan to use on your nails again. Your keys are full of bacteria, and you don’t want to spread germs on your hands. First, lay your keys on a towel or newspaper. Next, select the color you want to paint your keys. Third, paint the keys in any way you like! Lastly, let the keys dry completely before you add them back to your chain. 

Color Your Keys with Permanent Marker 

A permanent marker is a great way to color-code your keys if you don’t have any nail polish on hand. If you don’t want your keys to be covered in permanent marker, simply draw a number or a recognizable shape on each key. Using a permanent marker will help you identify each key quickly! 

Use Multiple Key Rings 

If you have several different keys, you should consider using multiple key rings to divide them. Using separate keyrings is especially useful for individuals that use multiple keys for the same location. For example, if you require three keys to enter your front door, put them all on one ring. If you require two keys to enter your office, place those keys on another! Simplify the process even further by choosing key rings of varying colors or styles. If your home keyring is blue, but your office keyring is red, you can more easily identify which group of keys is which!  Do you have more questions about your keys? Call the professionals at Village Lock & Key! 

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