4 Things You Need Duplicate Keys For

4 Things You Need Duplicate Keys For

Where are some places where duplicate keys might come in handy? Let’s find out.

Before you head out the door, you should always make sure you have the essentials: your phone, your wallet, and your keys. But if you are prone to losing your keys, you might want to get a key locator or have a duplicate set of keys made. Where are some places where duplicate keys might come in handy? Let’s find out.


You never know when an extra house key might be useful. With duplicate keys for your house, you can avoid getting locked out. Also, having a second key can give you some peace of mind when you need to go out of town, and you have friends, neighbors, or relatives house-sitting for you. But if you plan on hiding your spare key out in your mailbox or on your lawn under a plastic rock, it’s still a good idea to rotate where you keep the key.


Having an additional key for your car is also a good idea. Don’t get locked out of your car. Even if you already have duplicate keys for yourself and your spouse, consider making an extra one. Just remember where you store your extra car keys. After all, it can be surprisingly easy to lose your keys and not always so easy to recall where you put them.

Storage Unit

Sometimes you just don’t have enough room in your house. Or you live in an apartment, and the storage unit the complex provided is still too small for what you need to put in it. In cases like this, you should seek out a nearby commercial storage unit to rent. You can request duplicate keys for your storage unit from the owner of the facility, but in the meantime having a spare for yourself is good for peace of mind.

Parents’ House

Even if you have moved away from your parents’ house, it can still be a good idea to have duplicate keys made for whenever they ask you to visit. Or, as the case may be, they might be going on vacation for a month and want you to look after their place while they’re gone. However, keep in mind that it’s considerate to have their permission before you do this. Also, before you talk to them, or decide to trade duplicate keys to your own home, make sure both keys will be kept safe.

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