5 Reasons Why Your Lock Stopped Working

5 Reasons Why Your Lock Stopped Working

One reason the lock could have stopped working is that something is wrong with the latch.

We all expect our door locks to last for as long as the door does. Whenever the locks stop working, it’s easy to feel a mix of panic and frustration. You might also find that you are locked out if you are on the outside of the door. Here are some of the reasons why that could be the case.

The Latch is Damaged

One reason the lock could have stopped working is that something is wrong with the latch. Either the fastener is damaged, or it has fallen out of alignment with the other components that allow the door to function the way it should. The latch is connected to a bolt mounted on the door, while the strike plate is attached to the doorjamb. Sometimes, getting a professional locksmith to realign the latch is all you need to do. In other cases, you will need the entire door replaced. It all depends on how severe the damage to the latch is.

The Key Doesn’t Turn

Another issue presents itself when the key hits the lock, but it won’t turn. One way to fix this is to make sure that you’re using the right key for the lock that you’re trying to open. If it is the correct key, then consider this: the lock itself could be dirty or filled with debris. As the weather cools down, it becomes much more likely that the lock could also freeze over. Even so, it’s also entirely within the realm of possibility that the key itself is worn down and needs a recut.

The Cylinder Turns

Sometimes, the cylinder will turn. This isn’t always a good sign. This means that the set screw has come loose somehow. Removing the faceplate, replacing the set screw, and reassembling the cylinder is the easiest way to remedy this. However, you will still want to lean on the expertise of a certified, trustworthy locksmith to do it properly.

Deadbolt is Stuck

If the lock doesn’t work, then it might be because the deadbolt is stuck. The root problem could be a misaligned strike plate. The mechanism could be also be damaged, but in both cases, you will either need some timely repairs or total replacements.

The Key Breaks

Finally, the problems you could be having can get worse. This is because your key can break, and the worst time for it to happen is when it is already jammed in the lock. There are several quick options to try and get the key out, but your best bet is to call a locksmith you know will respond as soon as they can.

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