Access Control Outlook for 2020

Access Control Outlook for 2020

What can the current state of access control tell us about what’s bound to happen next? That is a question that might not be the easiest to answer.

With 2019 almost in the rearview mirror, it’s time to start looking forward to next year. 2020 is the first year of the next decade, and without a doubt, new challenges will emerge. What can the current state of access control tell us about what’s bound to happen next? That is a question that might not be the easiest to answer

Looking Back at 2019 

During 2019, mobile access credentials finally matured after over a decade of preparation. Mobile access is something that has been growing in both residential and commercial sectors. Also, schools have begun integrating new infrastructures to support mobile student IDs, more than ever before. Although many campuses already had this capability in some capacity, it is growing more prevalent now – think of the identity cards used by students to swipe into their dormitories as one example. 

Analytics and artificial intelligence are also becoming staples of ensuring security at all levels, especially in commercial and educational settings. Being more proactive about preventing and responding to tragic incidents such as campus shootings starts with having upgraded access control systems in place.

Where We’re Going 

Cutting edge technology used to be prominent only in television and other forms of pop culture. But with each passing month, it’s one step closer to reality. Just think about where we’ll be this time next year. Ultra-wideband technology sounds like something out of science fiction. Still, it can help differentiate if someone is walking by or a door or wants to go through it to enter or leave the room that they are currently standing in; as incredible as that sounds, the technology is already there, it’s just not commonplace yet. 

For many homeowners and business owners, achieving high levels of energy efficiency is the name of the game. Luckily, this technology will help businesses start to save up more energy because automatic sliding doors won’t need to keep opening and closing unless customers are planning to go in or come out of the store. 

When We Get There 

Access control started as a way to add even more layers of security to a building. That said, it is not growing to be something much bigger than that. It’s all meant to improve the user experience, and in the end, provide better customer service for all clients and visitors. Consider the use of smart-lockers equipped with access control systems – it will streamline the process of passing tablets, external hard drives, and other assets back and forth between your employees.

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