How to Avoid a Locksmith Scam

How to Avoid a Locksmith Scam

You might be wondering how a locksmith scam would even happen. Despite being untrustworthy individuals, fake locksmiths are cunning.

Home and business owners need to stay on their toes. You never know when you might be hit by a scammer out for a quick buck. Avoiding locksmith scams is essential, so vital that it’s something you can’t always buy. Here are some tips for staying out of these sticky situations. 

Learning More about Scams

Scams are notoriously difficult to spot out and steer clear of, especially if you haven’t encountered one before. Being savvy enough to keep a cool head is necessary. For instance, you might see a newspaper ad that sounds too good to be true. Another possibility is that websites and pop-ups will offer cheap services but without any morsel of context. Fake locksmiths will attempt to steal the money you otherwise wouldn’t part with if not for this incident. A legitimate locksmith can repair the damage left behind by hasty “work,” but it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

The Art of the Scam

You might be wondering how a locksmith scam would even happen. Despite being untrustworthy individuals, fake locksmiths are cunning. They start by getting your attention. An illegitimate business would then send a false technician to your location, no matter which type of property you own. Then once the setup is complete, there comes the swindle. Once you have been victimized once, it can be hard to put your faith in any locksmith companies close to you even when you desperately need their services. This hesitation is understandable since you don’t want to be fooled again. Shady businesses will do their best to make the experts harder to find. Thus, you will be too frustrated to continue your search for other options. Even so, you do have some tricks of your own up your sleeve! Here is a better look at what they are.

Diversionary Tactics 

  • Ask Plenty of Questions: Direct questions are some of the best weapons you have in your arsenal. Don’t be shy about deploying them. If the “dispatcher” tries to ask you a question in response, then you should reconsider trusting them.
  • Insist on Getting a Quote: Stress how much you need an estimate for any work that is initiated. Just know that you won’t see an invoice right away; however, a reputable locksmith will give you a ballpark figure on what you can expect to pay them once they finish the job.
  • See Through the Fast-Talk: Charging money upfront, even as a supposed down payment, could be above board – emphasis on the could. False locksmithing schemers will get your turned around and confused so much that they will work their spin on you. You will want to settle up and get them out of your hair, but it’s a classic locksmith scam trap.  

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