How to Avoid Losing Your Keys

How to Avoid Losing Your Keys

Losing your keys can be hugely frustrating.

Losing your keys can be hugely frustrating. This experience gets even worse when you are already late for work or a family function. While many homeowners are savvy to attach a locator to their keys, not everyone can afford that solution. Luckily, we have some nifty tips for how to avoid losing your keys!

Start a Routine

Once you start a particular habit, it can be hard to break it. Plus, if you make a routine, it helps your internal autopilot work better. One idea is to follow through on having a method where you put your keys on a key hook by the door. It doesn’t have to be for a combined set of house and car keys, either. You can organize mailbox and laundry room keys this way too. It’s especially useful if you live in a rental community instead of a neighborhood where you own your own home. 

Use Key Finder Tech

Many different commercial products are available that can also help you find your keys. Think about the smartphone apps that you may take for granted; these apps can help you locate your phone or your tablet, then it stands to reason that there were be an add-on you can use to figure out where you put your keys, especially if you accidentally break the routine. Then you can’t find what you need when you need it. These devices will play a tune or flash some lights to help you find something small, especially if it’s dark. No more having to dig through a glove compartment or purse full of other items!

Fill Up Your Keyring

One last idea is to put your current keyring to better use. You might think it’s an outdated concept, but your keyring can save you plenty of aggravation. If your keyring is too full, considering splitting up the keys onto another keyring. Use markers, paint, or nail polish can also help you tell which key is which. The only hitch with this plan is that you need to remember your system. This scenario is another one where your smartphone comes in handy – you can have a list that details what the different colors mean so you can never forget it, which can be a huge hassle all by itself!

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