Avoiding Locksmith Scams

Avoiding Locksmith Scams

Do you know how to avoid a locksmith scam? By reading our guide, hopefully, you soon will!

There are many legitimate locksmiths. They are honest, professional, and courteous. They know what they’re doing and respond promptly to any call-outs with the right tools and equipment that they need. Plus, if they don’t have something, they can quickly hasten back to their home office for what they need. However, some so-called locksmiths aren’t as aboveboard. Do you know how to avoid a locksmith scam? By reading our guide, hopefully, you soon will

Ask for a Quote 

Ask for a quote right off the bat. Put it down in writing so that it can’t be left up for dispute. Legitimate locksmith services will readily answer your questions and notify you if any unexpected charges come up. Don’t be worried if the quote sounds high because it’s just part of the experience. The cost covers tools, labor, time, transportation, licensing costs, further training, and skills provided by the professional. Apprentice locksmiths can also be trusted because they need to learn on the job how to do the job, so don’t shy away from them for that reason. 

Professional locksmiths will also be more than happy to answer all your questions, even if you just want to learn more about how locks and keys work so that you can attempt to try unlocking the systems on your own – or maybe if you are interested in becoming a locksmith yourself, it’s a good way to judge if you are the right fit for the company you hired.  

Find Out If They’re Licensed

If the locksmith you’ve chosen isn’t local to your area, then you should be suspicious already. This condition should prompt you to find out if they are properly licensed. Ask yourself this: do they dodge your questions? Failing to get a straight answer should be a huge warning. They also need to offer more information such as name, address, website and use an 800-number.   

Look Out for Red Flags 

There are other red flags for you to watch out for, as well. For example, let’s suppose that they answer the phone with “locksmith services” instead of an actual company name; that’s one definite bad sign. Ask for proper ID and watch out for unmarked vehicles that don’t look like they should belong to legit locksmith services. Let’s say they demand cash upfront, and cash only – again, this is a surefire red flag – they do this so that there’s no way for you to dispute charges later on. Drilling out a lock should be a last resort, not the first tactic they try. Insistence on doing this means you shouldn’t trust them. 

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