Why Changing Locks is So Important for New Homeowners

Why Changing Locks is So Important for New Homeowners

You should remember that changing locks can make a big difference for your safety and security.

Did you just buy a new home? Whether it was custom built or not, moving into a new home is an exciting time for any new homeowners. It doesn’t matter if it’s the first home you’ve ever owned or not. But you should remember that changing locks can make a big difference for your safety and security. Here are some reasons why changing locks is so important for new homeowners.

When to Contact a Locksmith

While the previous homeowners might have given you the keys, you never know who else they gave keys to, too. Changing locks can keep out any unwanted visitors who may not be aware that their friends have moved. Depending on the day you close on the house, you might not want to have locksmiths come in immediately. In fact, you should wait a day. By waiting a day, you can smooth out any unexpected problems that can pop up during the closing process.

Also, be sure to schedule an appointment with your chosen locksmith. You might have to wait until you’ve recovered financially since closing costs and moving costs might be too much to handle at the moment. If professionals such as our experts here at Village Lock and Key are apprised ahead of time, we can bring the locks and keys you need when you need them, and you won’t have to wait.

What to Do Before Calling

So now that everything has been sorted out and you are ready for locksmiths to come, what else you should you know?

The number of locks: How many locks will you want to change? When you decide this, keep in mind how many exterior doors your new home has. Changing locks takes time, so it’ll go much more smoothly if you let us know how many locks to expect.

The design of the keyholes: Believe it or not, every keyhole is not the same. Is the lock installed directly on the knob? Are there deadbolts? We’ll also need to know these factors before coming over and changing your locks.

Your security preferences: What other security measures would you like to have besides changing your locks? Although you could choose standard locks, we can also create more exotic ones that we are more than willing to provide service for whenever it becomes necessary.

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