Have You Considered Using Deadbolt Locks?

Have You Considered Using Deadbolt Locks?

Deadbolt locks can help you feel safer than regular locks, so have you ever considered using them on a door near you?

Different doors are going to have different locks. It’s exceedingly rare you’ll come across a door that isn’t equipped with a lock of some sort. That is unless it is meant for constant public use – the main door into your apartment complex, for instance. Deadbolt locks can help you feel safer than regular locks, so have you ever considered using them on a door near you?

Increase Home Security

The most significant reason to get deadbolt locks installed is to increase the security of your home. No neighborhood is entirely immune to mischief. When you add deadbolt locks onto doors that lead in and out of your home, you help protect it against possible intruders. These attackers may try to force their way through the door, but the deadbolt lock provides additional resistance that a simple pin and tumbler lock attached to your average doorknob might not be able to handle.

Some Advantages

Making sure your home is even safer is just the beginning. Along with this huge benefit, deadbolt locks also have some other advantages, too:

  • Hammers and crowbars can’t compromise the integrity of a deadbolt lock.
  • Lockpicks and the trick known as lock bumping also won’t work.
  • The frustration factor is also much higher when a deadbolt lock is in place – eventually, whoever is attempting to gain entry will just give up and leave because they can’t break through the lock.

How Deadbolt Locks Operate

Now that you’re ready to select your deadbolt lock, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, steel is going to your best bet. Not only are they rugged and resilient, but they are also easy to find. The deadbolt itself fits snugly inside a specially-shaped hole in the jamb of the door. A striking plate, also made of metal, holds the device steady. In turn, the striking plate is welded to the frame studs set in the door.

Luckily, you only need one key to bypass the single deadbolt lock. When you approach it from the outside, inserting the correct key into the keyhole of the lock allows you to unlock and enter. On the other side of the door, you’ll see what is called a twist lock – this lock is how you engage the deadbolt from inside the door.

The Purpose of a Reinforced Deadbolt

Sometimes, a reinforced deadbolt is also necessary. A strong deadbolt is also known as a double deadbolt lock. It works much the same as its lone counterpart, but two deadbolts are securing the door, and you need a key for both the inside lock and the outside lock.

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