How to Detect Fake Locksmiths

How to Detect Fake Locksmiths

Fake locksmiths will try to use unmarked vehicles. Trust officially marked vehicles, like the ones from Village Lock & Key!

Did you accidentally lock yourself out of your home or business? If you did, then it’s time you called an expert locksmith to come and let you in. After that, you may or may not need new locks. But how can you be sure that the locksmith who came to your aid is trustworthy? Here are some ways to detect fake locksmiths.

Verify the Address

One of the first things you should do is verify the address of the business the locksmith belongs to; fake locksmiths will typically attempt to use a fictional address so they’ll appear legitimate. Being a trustworthy person could cost you, so double check the address using internet matching sites. If the phone number connects you to the business that the locksmith claims they work for, then you are safe. If you can also get an idea of how close the business is, that’s even better – the closer a real locksmith business is, the quicker you will receive service.  

Inspect the Official Vehicle

Next, you should inspect the company vehicle that they arrived in. Most locksmiths will need to come to you, especially in the event of a lockout. When fake locksmiths arrive, chances are they will do so in a plain, unmarked vehicle that isn’t officially affiliated with a particular company. If they do this, it’s a major warning sign. Make sure the name of the company is prominently displayed on the side of the vehicle.

Check Their IDs

Once the locksmith you called for reaches you, they should present their identification to prove they are who they say they are. Honest locksmiths will do this without being asked. However, fake locksmiths will be reluctant to do so. At the same time, the locksmith should also ask you for your ID, to prove that wherever you are, you are supposed to be there too.

Compare Quotes and Invoice

Lastly, you should always be sure to compare the quote you are given against the invoice you pay for any services rendered. If the quote is different than the invoice, then something fishy is afoot. You’re better off not doing any business with this locksmith because they are probably an imposter. Look out for hidden or unexpected costs, and if the locksmith demands any cash upfront before even starting, that’s another red flag. Don’t give into them.

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