What Exactly is Lock Snapping?

What Exactly is Lock Snapping?

Let’s start by discussing the lock snapping technique.

You never want the keys to snap off in the lock. However, this isn’t what lock snapping is, necessarily speaking. Instead, it is a brute force method that burglars use to attempt to break into your home

What Is Lock Snapping?

Let’s start by discussing the lock snapping technique. Unfortunately, it’s so easy that even inexperienced burglars can have a go at it. Lock snapping is also called cylinder snapping since it affects the cylinders inside the lock itself. All they need is a hammer and a screwdriver to break the one cylinder holding everything together. If you have a Euro-profile cylinder lock, then your home is vulnerable. The problem is, most homeowners won’t know what to look for when they attempt to inspect the lock and make upgrades by themselves. Understandably, that can be a huge problem.

How to Stop It 

Now let’s look at how to stop lock snapping from happening in the first place. Start by determining if your locks can be broken by this sinister method. Make sure you check every door attached to your home, not just the front entry. Burglars like to be sneaky and attack where you least expect them to, mainly because they know that side doors and back doors often go neglected in favor of the front door – this makes sense because the front door is usually locked and bolted. Call a professional locksmith to come and inspect your locks. They can tell you if you already have anti-snap locks installed or not. They can also tell you which lock upgrades are the most worth it. 

Installing Better Locks

Securing your home involves getting the highest-quality locks you can find. And for that to happen, you need to have a locksmith you can trust. If you need better locks, then it’s time to give Village Lock and Key a call. The locks must be rated as anti-snap locks, which is something you probably won’t be able to identify unless you are working with a reputable locksmith. Anti-snap locks keep burglars out, period. That’s because they have what is known as a tested cylinder. This cylinder prevents the lock from being snapped by any intruders trying to force their way in. Talk to a locksmith you know has your back – such as the team here at Village Lock!  

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