Government Locksmithing and High-Security Locks

Government Locksmithing and High-Security Locks

When you want to make sure that your government facility is kept secure, one of the ways to do that is through high-security locks.

When you want to make sure that your government facility is kept secure, one of the ways to do that is through high-security locks. Two solutions are found through using SCIF room door locks and GSA container combination locks. In terms of specific models, they are known as the Kaba Mas X-10 and Kaba Mas CDX-10. Let’s find out some more about them.

Kaba Mas High-Security Locks

The Kaba Mas CDX-10 is one of the most commonly-used high-security locks that you will find anywhere. It protects some of the most confidential information and valuable assets produced by government facilities, no matter what type of research needs to be done. The CDX-10 is available to all of our government customers, and we also sell them to commercial businesses who find themselves in need of these locks. The GSA has approved it for use on two different kinds of filing cabinets that you keep in your offices: Class 5 and class 6 filing cabinets.

These locks can also be used on class 5 security vault doors to keep your most valuable items secure. These vault doors can also be equipped with electronic locks that can continue to function even after the power has gone out.

Reasons You Need High-Security Locks

High-security locks provide even more protection than conventional locks can. For one thing, they cannot be easily tampered with. There are two common methods used to defeat locks – bumping and picking. But since high-security locks typically don’t need a physical key to open or unlock them, these method won’t work. Even when there are physical keys associated with high-security locks, they are cut and engineered to be unique and harder to duplicate.

It’s also easy to reset the lock, so if an employee is terminated or they otherwise lose access, then their credentials can be deactivated, and they won’t be able to get in or allow anyone else to get in using their information. This also prevents unlawful entry by unauthorized users who manage to get their hands on access keys or access codes that would otherwise belong to an innocent employee who has done nothing wrong. You can also customize the high-security lock to fit your government or commercial building’s needs; if a keyless entry system is what you’re after, then that is easily achievable as well!

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