The Great Lock Debate: To Rekey or Replace?

The Great Lock Debate: To Rekey or Replace?

One question stands out during the great lock debate: should you rekey the lock or replace it instead?

While renovating your home this fall, let’s say you decided to install some new doors. Maybe the old ones were too storm-damaged or just you wanted a change of pace. But new doors will probably also need new locks to ensure that they remain as secure as possible. So one question stands out during the great lock debate: should you rekey the lock or replace it instead?


Professional locksmiths will be able to handle the rekeying process without too much effort. That said, you still might not know what that entails. The lock is disassembled, and then the tumblers inside are changed so that they accept a different key. The lock itself doesn’t have to be removed; only modified to fit with a brand new key.

When Should You Rekey?

Knowing the right time to rekey a lock is crucial when you’re updating your home’s security. For instance, moving into a new home is a good time to rekey the existing lock. If you have contractors working on a remodel and they haven’t returned the key, then you should also rekey. If you are worried about lost or stolen keys, then you should also rekey. Finally, after a relationship has soured, and you don’t want a former friend, relative, or partner to have access to your home, that’s when rekeying is the way to go.


Eventually, you will have to replace your locks. Even if the rest of the door itself is fine, a broken or damaged lock is a potentially compromised one. It’s more expensive than the other method, but you can also help make your home more secure and help your door hardware match the new door you’ve installed.

When Should You Replace?

Replacing the locks means you will have entirely new ones, which means you could switch to a new set of locks and try out a new color. Try using high-security locks or an integrated access control system. Also, did you know that a single master key will work for all of your different locks, even if they are different brands? Choose one brand to use and rekey.

The most important time to replace your locks is after an attempted break-in. Whether or not it was successful, the attempt could have damaged your existing locks beyond repair.

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