Help! My Door Lock is Jammed!

Help! My Door Lock is Jammed!

How often does your door lock jam?

How often does your door lock jam? Whenever it does, a quick fix is to grease the tumblers, and it’ll come unstuck. But sometimes, you’ll need to do more than that. In these cases, you should get some advice from professional locksmiths. So here’s more information about what you should do when your door is jammed.

Use The Key

First of all, use the key to make sure that the door lock is jammed. But one way to relieve the jam is to try using some graphite. It can either be powdered or in spray form, but either way, coat your key with it. Shake the key around to see if it makes a difference.

Use Key Extractors

The dilemma you’re in might not be because the tumblers are broken. It’s possible that the key has snapped in the lock itself. In this situation, you’ll have to use key extractors to get the blade out. Use some lubricant to help make the key slide out. Then move the extractor in and pull until you feel the extractor catch onto the key. Then tug on the extractor and pull the key out of the jammed door lock.

Remove the Faceplate

The next step is to remove the faceplate of the jammed door lock. These are found on mortise locks and rim locks. You’ll find these locks on the doors of houses and apartments. Unscrew the lock until you can see the cylinder. Then turn the screws on the cylinder. You must do this clockwise though, to make sure that the screws are properly tightened. This makes sure that the cylinder goes back into the right position the next time the door is closed. Wood is used for most residential doors, and wood can warp as the seasons change. Warping door frames can cause the door lock to jam up as well.

Modify the Strike Plate

One last solution is to modify the strike plate. To do this, start by making the slot on the inside of the strike plate wider than it already is. Chip off some of the metal around the rim of the lock. Then after you do that, play with the latch on the lock to see if it was still stay closed or open smoothly. Keep working on the slot, making it wider as you need to do. Then file down the edge of the deadbolt so it can fit back into its assigned slot. This can fix problems with jammed door locks that are out of alignment.

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