Here’s Why You Might Need New Locks

Here’s Why You Might Need New Locks

While it’s smart to upgrade your locks and invest in an access control system for your home, getting new locks is also a good idea. Here’s why.

Your locks can and will wear out. It’s all just a matter of time. There are several different reasons why this might happen, such as rust or physical damage from botched repairs or attempted intrusions. While it’s smart to upgrade your locks and invest in an access control system for your home, getting locks is also a good idea. Here’s why. 

Time to Move Away 

Let’s say that your family has outgrown its current environs and you need to move. Whatever the reason, changing your locks is a good idea. Let us explain. You’re not going to be changing the locks on the old home necessarily (although that is still a worthwhile security measure) instead, what you want to do is to change the locks that are attached to your new house. Doing this helps protect you and your family. Why’s that? It defends against unauthorized key copies that could be used to bypass security measures that you have put into place. Don’t try to replace the locks by yourself – that’s what a professional locksmith is for!

Life Happens 

As we’ve alluded to earlier, life happens and sometimes it can be a blur. Whether you’re caught up in the excitement of designing and building a custom home before moving into it or you’ve experienced the end of a relationship that soured, these are good reasons to get new locks. Custom homes should have new locks on them by default, so on that score, you should be good to go. Having someone move away under acrimonious circumstances is never good, and even if you parted on good terms, that doesn’t necessarily mean you want them to be able to come in whenever they feel like it. 

Key Loss

We understand that this happens. Losing your keys can be frustrating, especially when you need to get out of the house to grab some groceries or you are an essential worker and you’re – gulp – late for work! In any case, key loss can contribute to the need for brand new locks. Locksmiths can turn over your locks – after all, that’s part of their job description! Smartphone apps and special attachments for your keyring or lanyard can help you keep track of misplaced keys. Everything should be okay as long as your keys weren’t stolen – at that point, it’s definitely time to call a locksmith! 

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