Why Should You Have a High-Security Lock?

Why Should You Have a High-Security Lock?

Like mortise locks and deadbolt locks, a high-security lock is designed to increase the security of your home or property.

Locks come in many shapes and sizes. Homeowners, business owners, and government facility managers should familiarize themselves with as many different types of locks and keys as they should. However, one kind of lock that might get ignored in the process is the high-security lock. It’s time to learn more about how this lock can benefit you.

The Purpose

Like mortise locks and deadbolt locks, a high-security lock is designed to increase the security of your home or property. All types of business and secured locations can benefit from having such a lock installed. For instance, high-security locks can delay any intrusion attempts and give you more time to respond, either by protecting yourself and your family or for calling for assistance from the police. You can also pair high-security locks with alarms to deter intruders while also providing another alert to help keep you safe.

Benefits of High-Security Locks

Unlike many other locks, high-security locks can’t be picked. They are also impervious to bumping and drilling attempts that could defeat other locks. Brute force methods would be necessary to overcome the defense provided by these locks, and that acts as another deterrence. If you happen to need a key copy for your high-security lock, they will often be accompanied by a special key card granting authorization for such a copy. However, make sure you don’t lose this key card since the key card could also be what you need to access high security areas at work.

Importance of High-Security Locks

Depending on the industry your business is in, you will want to keep your assets safe. Lockers for sensitive equipment will most likely be given a high-security lock. Likewise, certain areas of your office building will be given additional access control measures, such as a laboratory or server room in a government facility or military installation. That said, these locks will need to be well-maintained, as even the best locks can run into problems that will need to be sorted out. Luckily, if you ever encounter a situation such as this, our expert locksmiths can be on-site to repair any broken locks and treat the entire repair process with discretion, especially in areas with restricted access.

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