Are High Security Locks Worth It?

Are High Security Locks Worth It?

You may find out that high security locks are worth the investment. Let’s learn more about them!

Many homes use a simple door knob-locking system that relies on a keyhole and a deadbolt. Even so, it’s possible to upgrade them and take the security of your home to the next level. You may find out that high security locks are worth the investment. Let’s learn more about them! 

How Tough the Bolt Is 

Let’s start by examining the bolt of the high security lock in question. Thus, many manufacturers have prioritized the toughness of the bolt for these locks. Conventional deadbolts only push into the frame about half an inch or so. For a high security lock, that measurement is double to a full inch. These deadbolts are more secure the longer they are. 

Metal and Plastic Components 

The next consideration is how many metal and plastic components are included in the fabrication of the high security lock itself. Unfortunately, plastic presents a flaw in the design: it’s much easier to break. Adding plastic keeps production costs down, but this is also a potential security risk. That’s why you should test all locks by holding them in your hand. Think of how heavy the combination lock on your lockers in middle school and high school were – that meant that they were solid metal and were not as easy to break through as if they were if they had some plastic on the inside

Complexity Factor 

High security locks are more complicated than standard locks are. That reduces the chances of key duplication, copying, or rekeying as a workaround to the protection these locks provide. That said, you can still obtain copies if you are an authorized key holder, which is still immensely important to know. Consult your friendly local locksmith to make copies for you if you need them, and they can also give you access to these locks – you can buy them or have them installed on your doors at home or for your business! 

Drill-Proof Protection 

Many locks can be compromised by tools such as lockpicks, hammers, and drills. When you install a high security lock, then this vulnerability is reduced. To make sure of this, choose a high security lock that has no plastic in it. The key systems should be proprietary and hard to mimic, the deadbolts should be longer, and the entire lock itself should be more resilient against brute force attacks such as jimmying and screw-driving.   

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