Home Security Tips: Unexpected Ways to Secure Your Home

Home Security Tips: Unexpected Ways to Secure Your Home

Did you know that maintaining your landscape can increase your home security?

If you live in a rental property, then chances are you don’t have your own laundry room. Maybe the laundry room is in the basement of your apartment building, or there is a room nestled among a row of townhouses. But it’ll take you a few minutes to get there. It’s tempting to leave your front door unlocked. Still, that’s not always the best idea. Here are some home security tips to follow this fall.

Hide the Keypad

Integrated access control systems can look different depending on what you need it for. For fence gates and front doors, it’s much more practical to have a simple door with a simple lock. But let’s say you want to secure your garage. Hide the keypad for it. Although keeping a cover or lid over the keypad helps, it’s best to keep it out of sight entirely. That way, potential intruders can’t spy on you when you enter the code.

Distract Potential Burglars

Another unorthodox way to improve home security is to distract potential burglars. It’s one thing to train your pet parrot to spook burglars who gain entry to your new home. You should also take steps to keep your most valuable items well-hidden, but don’t hesitate to plant fake valuables that will confuse and distract anyone inside your home who shouldn’t be there.

Maintain Your Landscape

Did you know that maintaining your landscape can increase your home security? While landscaping tasks can be tedious no matter what time of year it is, it’s even more important to do it as fall settles in because it starts getting darker so much earlier. Darkness can shelter someone who is trying to get inside your home. That means you need to trim your hedges and bushes, mow your lawn, and take care of your trees. Add more outdoor lighting, too. Not only will it help you see when you come home after dark weighed down with groceries or feeling rundown after a long day, but it will discourage anyone who might try to hide out of sight.

Protect Your Privacy

It’s also worth it to protect your privacy. When you post on social media, think about it might indicate that you won’t be home throughout the day. Enhancing home security ultimately relies on common sense. Move your car into your garage, if you have access to one. That way, you can make your movements harder to track.

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