The Importance of Key Duplication for Commercial Use

The Importance of Key Duplication for Commercial Use

Duplicating keys does it have its uses. Here is why key duplication is so crucial for businesses to consider.

Every organization needs to secure its premises. The simplest way to do that is to lock up at the end of the night or before the weekend starts. In short, locks and keys can help keep a company safe, even during business hours. That said, duplicating keys does it have its uses. Here is why key duplication is so crucial for businesses to consider.

The Anatomy of Keys

Before continuing, it would help to explain what the parts of a key are. The head or the bow is also known as the key head. They can be cut to be different than any other keys you have so that they only match the locks found inside your commercial building. They’ll also have a ring for keyfobs or other decorations. Shoulder stops keep too much of the blade from sinking into the lock. Grooves fit together with the cylinders inside the lock. The blade is a piece of the key between the tip and the shoulder stop and is perhaps one of the most recognizable parts of a key, such as when skeleton keys are in use. The tip is at the bottom of the key and helps align the blade of the key when it doesn’t have a shoulder stop on it.

Key Duplication

Keys are not like snowflakes: while every snowflake is bound to be different, keys can be duplicated. When you have many employees in your company, you should all trust them with a key, even if you have policies where the new hire must be there for a month before they receive a key. In these situations, key duplication is useful because several copies of one master key can be made quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively.

Keys for Commercial Use

Commercial keys are most often made of brass. Sometimes, you will find keys made of other metals, such as aluminum or steel. It all depends on what color the key is supposed to be. Keys that colleges and universities employ for student housing are typically made with brass, while keys for lecture halls, administrative buildings, and other facilities would be made of steel. While most keys are flat, the trend of using magnetic or electronic locks and keycards or biometric access is becoming increasingly popular as well.

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