Keys for Commercial Use, Take Two

Keys for Commercial Use, Take Two

When you need to cut a new set of keys for your business, you need to rely on the best locksmith you can find.

When you need to cut a new set of keys for your business, you need to rely on the best locksmith you can find. Choose a specialist who understands that keys for commercial use must be different than the ones many homeowners choose to have. While it’s easy to get it done at a hardware store, that might not always be the most effective option for you. Here is some more information about keys meant for commercial use.

Different Shapes

First of all, the keys come in different shapes and sizes. The most common metals used for keys are brass and steel, which tend to be both malleable and durable while being manufactured. Larger keys that look like squares or rectangles are often used for dormitories and other buildings used for student housing on college campuses or prep schools. Smaller, round keys are more commonly used for residential buildings, houses, and commercial buildings. Different key manufacturers will produce different shapes of keys and you’ll find odd ones that are hexagonal or have multiple holes in the key head. You can even customize your keys if you want your building’s key to be unique.

Finding the Right Key

If your company is preparing to remodel or renovate or move to a new building entirely, you will need to find the right key to keep your facility safe. If, for instance, your office is on a floor shared with other businesses, you might want to have an electronic keypad lock on the front door to prevent intruders from following your employees or assaulting them in the elevator. A brand new building is more complicated, however; you’ll need to make arrangements for which keys should be used for each floor and room in the office, and even closets and filing cabinets. The bathrooms can also be keyed for entry, which means that pedestrians passing through cannot use the bathrooms without your consent.

By working with contractors and locksmiths, you can design the building to your liking and determine which rooms need to be secured and which ones don’t need to be. Look at the tiny codes embedded on the keys: SC1, KW1, and KW10/11 as this will help you decide which blanks you will need to use. Making sure that all of your keys match and having backups and duplicate copies in case the originals go missing is also a smart investment. Whatever you need, be sure to keep a trusted locksmith shop on call!

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