Kid-Friendly Home Security Tips

Kid-Friendly Home Security Tips

Home security during the holidays is just as important, so how can you teach this lesson to your kids?

One of the best parts of the holidays is spending plenty of quality time with your family members. Even if you don’t see them that often, it gives you a chance to reconnect with relatives and the friends you’ve come to call your family. But home security during the holidays is just as important, so how can you teach this lesson to your kids?

Keep the Door Locked

With all of the errands you need to run this holiday season, you can’t always be home. Besides, you’ll probably still need to put in extra hours at the office. Before your kids stay home for winter break, impress on them the importance of a locked door. It’s the easiest way to improve your home security and your kids need to learn how to make it work before you can trust them with their own house keys. Also, encourage them to keep their keys on them whenever they leave the house, even if they are just going outside for a minute.

Avoid Strangers

Locked doors present an obstacle to unfriendly strangers. It’s a signal that they are unwelcome. You should be sure to teach your children they shouldn’t open the door for anyone they don’t recognize. This same rule of thumb applies for helping them avoid strangers at school or at the playground, which are other normally safe places where children should be able to enjoy themselves.  

Set the Alarms

Lastly, make sure they know how to set the alarms. Locking the doors may not be enough; alarm systems can notify the authorities whenever an attempted break-in happens. They can also be useful in other emergency situations, such as fires or floods. Take the time to make sure your children know how to disarm the alarms whenever they need to, too. Alarm systems can’t be much help if they aren’t activated.

Remember Phone Numbers and Other Information

Do more than teach your children what dialing 911 means. With this knowledge, they’ll know how to contact the police and other emergency responders. But you also need to have them learn your phone number and the phone numbers of other trusted adults, such as older friends and relatives, that can come to take care of them whenever you aren’t available. Lastly, be sure that they know your home’s street address, wherever it may be.   

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