Lock Tips for Property Managers

Lock Tips for Property Managers

Property managers who provide new tenants with a beautiful new place to live should do everything they can to ensure their comfort.

When new tenants move in, they want to feel safe in their new home. Of course, this means that the property managers who provide them with a beautiful new place to live should do everything they can to ensure that comfort. The first step to achieving this is by changing the existing locks, so that old keys no longer work.

Your Duties

One of your duties is to listen to your incoming tenants and fulfill their requests. You will also need to answer all their questions in a polite and timely fashion. One common claim your new tenants will make is to have every single lock changed. Even though most tenants believe that this is simple, it can quickly become complicated and expensive for property managers Plus it is essential for any property manager to keep track of who has access to the master keys, or any skeleton keys, that may exist.

Assuaging Tenant Fears

That said, it is entirely reasonable for your new tenants to feel safe in their new apartments or condos. If they want new locks installed, this is not an outlandish ask. Besides you might never know if previous residents made duplicate keys before they left, even if they turned in the original keys you granted them when they first arrived. It is also possible for the locks themselves to be too worn down from constant use. Even if they weren’t damaged out of malice or spite, your locks still need to be replaced from time to time.

Follow the Rules and Regulations

Different states will have different expectations of their property management services. If you are a property manager, be sure to follow all the laws you are bound to, and in case there are damaged locks, you must repair them. However, if the lock is completely undamaged, then the new tenant should not take the initiative and fix it themselves. This situation is likely outlined in the rental agreement or lease they signed before they moved in. Another solution, however, comes in the form of rekeying.


Sometimes, rekeying becomes necessary. Rekeying can be quicker and easier than redoing all of the locks. Put your trust in Village Lock & Key to ensure that your rekeying project runs as smoothly as possible. The original keys will no longer fit the lock, but a different set of keys will.

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