Locksmith Services and Key Duplication

Locksmith Services and Key Duplication

If you need to have a new key cut or have them duplicated, then stop in and visit the only locksmith shop in all of Howard County!

Getting a key copied is one of the most important reasons to hire a locksmith. Here at Village Lock and Key, we pride ourselves on our customer service. If you need to have a new key cut or have them duplicated, then stop in and visit the only locksmith shop in all of Howard County! 

Keys that Say “Do Not Duplicate” 

Many keys are tagged as do not duplicate. This simple phrase can make their holders nervous, especially if they need key duplication services for any reason. In this case, that belief is a simple misconception. Big box hardware stores will decline to copy the keys, but professional locksmiths can complete that request for you instead. If you need a copy of one of these keys, then you are in luck!

Keys Regarded as “Classified” 

Then there are the keys that are considered classified. These keys often unlock areas that contain sensitive data, such as client information or blueprints of future products held under lock and key at government contractor sites. These mechanisms are also called “restricted” keys and will often be paired with other types of access control, such as magnetic locks, keypad locks, or biometric security measures. Classified keys are not easy to copy, and as such, key duplication won’t work on them. Specialized equipment is needed to make duplicates for these keys, and those tools and devices are normally held under strict patent secrecy.  

Ordinary Types of Keys 

Luckily, for most mundane keys, you can have them copied for you. No matter the reasons you need it for, the process is available for the following varieties:

  1. Yale: Yales are the small, standard keys that might be used for a mailbox. Locksmiths can turn these out relatively easily. 
  2. Chubb: These keys are a bit bigger and more fanciful. Although they are trickier and more time-consuming to copy, it can be done!
  3. Vehicle: Yes, vehicle keys are eligible for key duplication as well. If a copy can’t be made, then a brand new key can be cut instead. 
  4. Safes: Commercial-grade safes and residential-grade safes will call for different keys. Even so, they can be duplicated – it might just take longer than you expect! 
  5. Padlocks:  Yes, you can have a new key made for padlocks. Remember the little dial-operated locks you used in high school for your locker? That is pretty much what these are. Padlock keys are often made from Yales and are just as easy to duplicate.
  6. Residences: New sets of house keys can be quickly and easily fabricated by reputable locksmiths, such as the team here at Village Lock!

Village Lock & Key is the Key to Your Success!

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