Locksmith Tips: Fixing the Lock on Your Safe

Locksmith Tips: Fixing the Lock on Your Safe

Just imagine that you have a fire-proof safe, but you are unable to open it because the lock melted!

You might not think that anything could happen to your safe. Whether you keep one in your home or your business, everything under lock and key will need to be checked on at some point. Just imagine that you have a fire-proof safe, but you are unable to open it because the lock melted! Here are some ways to make sure that the lock remains intact.

Some Success

Fixing the lock on a safe is more complicated than it sounds. It’s just an unfortunate fact of life. Some safes are easier to open than others. One example is a safe equipped with a conventional lock-and-key mechanism. Locksmiths are more experienced at diagnosing what the problem is and how to unlock the door. If you have any questions, no matter if the safe is based in a home, a commercial business, or a government office, then give the team here at Village Lock and Key a call! 

Vault Technicians 

In some cases, you will have better luck seeking assistance from vault technicians. You may know what a vault looks like from time spent visiting the bank – but these are not the same as safes! Locksmiths can gain additional training to become specialists in opening and unlocking vaults. Assuming that all locksmiths are also vault technicians is inadvisable since it requires more ongoing education; plus, safe and vault technicians tend to be more expensive and difficult to hire, which is why it is a much more affordable option to lean on locksmiths you know you can trust

Potential Costs

There are also some potential costs you may or may not be prepared to pay. These quotes will be determined based on the model of the safe and how much effort is involved in fixing the lock itself. Getting the most accurate estimate isn’t always the easiest process to conduct over the phone; having a locksmith come over to perform an inspection in-person will make the process run more smoothly.

Reasons It Won’t Open

For the sake of argument, just imagine that your safe still won’t open. Many reasons are to blame for this hiccup. For instance, the mechanism might need some oil or lubricant. If maintenance has been neglected, that could be the issue as well. Sometimes, both the lock and the safe have stopped working, and more forceful measures, such as sawing, become necessary.   

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