The Lowdown on Locks and Rental Properties

The Lowdown on Locks and Rental Properties

Property owners and renters: here’s the lowdown on locks and key control.

Rental properties are not just generating passive income for property owners; they are also homes for renters and crucial investments to be protected. Safeguarding your property with the proper locks and security measures are a good way to boost your investment and keep your property secure. Locks are an important part of keeping your rental properties safe and secure, so read on for some of the basics about locks for your rental properties.

Key Control

Key control is important for making sure that tenants do not make extra keys, as this can make it difficult to keep your property secure and keep track of who has access to your property. Controlled keys will usually have “do not duplicate” inscribed on them. This inscription serves to remind tenants of your key duplication agreement and while having the key duplicated isn’t illegal, most reputable key cutters won’t duplicate these keys. By using key control, you can better hold tenants to your rental procedures and increase your property’s security.

Know When to Rekey

There are some habits that rental property owners should get familiar with, such as replacing or rekeying locks each time there is a new tenant. This is a good idea for a few reasons. First, you never know if an old tenant had a spare key made, and second, replacing and rekeying locks will show your new tenants that their safety and security is important to you. It’s also a good practice to rekey locks when someone’s name is dropped from the lease. These habits can help you maintain a high standard for security on your rental properties.

Know the Law

Every rental property owner should become familiar with the laws relevant to rental properties. Not only can this help protect you in the event of a dispute, they can help prevent disputes as well. In some states, only property owners are legally able to change locks, while in others, tenants are within their rights to change locks and withhold keys from the property owners. Becoming familiar with these laws can help you establish reasonable boundaries with your tenants.

Perform Inspections

Frequent inspections are crucial to maintaining security on your rental properties. The majority of break-ins and burglaries occur through the front or back door. Locks can become weak and worn out over time, making these areas vulnerable to potential break-ins. Inspecting the locks on your property can help you keep doors and windows well-maintained and secure for years to come. Be sure to keep this task on your annual checklist in order to keep your rental properties and tenants safe from potential break-ins.

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