Is It Necessary to Replace Your Existing Deadbolt?

Is It Necessary to Replace Your Existing Deadbolt?

So the question is, is it time to change the deadbolt that you have on your front door? The answer is that it depends.

Keeping a home safe is one of the most important goals every homeowner thinks about, especially at night when it’s time for bed — worrying about how secure your home is something that can trouble everyone in your family when they are away from home, too. So the question is, is it time to change the deadbolt that you have on your front door? The answer is that it depends.

Will the New Deadbolt Fit? 

The first question you will likely ask yourself is how the current deadbolt fits on the door and how long it might take to find a new one that fits the same way. Choosing the wrong deadbolt is an exercise in frustration because no matter how skilled your locksmith is, they won’t be able to make it work. 

Most homeowners won’t know what to do about the problem, either. That’s why it’s much smarter to let a professional handle it when you need to switch out an existing deadbolt with a new one. It’s also perfectly fine for homeowners to buy their locks from the hardware store, but that doesn’t guarantee it will work. A custom home might be different than the one that has been around for decades, but one similarity is that the doors might be the same.

What Type of Deadbolt? 

The next question you will need to answer is what type of deadbolt you want to use. Not all deadbolt locks are created equal – some only have one bolt, while others have two or even three. You also have a choice between a mechanical deadbolt and its electronic counterpart. The automatic deadbolt is accessible through a keypad lock or through an app that you can view and control through your phone no matter how far away you are. Ultimately the choice is yours.

Aren’t Appearances Important? 

Another common question is how the aesthetics of your decision will look. Appearances matter, but you don’t always need to be overly concerned. Keeping your home and family safe is the objective, but that doesn’t mean that the new deadbolt lock you choose has to be an eyesore. 

Should I Call a Professional? 

One of the inevitable questions that come with upgrading the security of your home is whether or not to do it yourself. When it comes to installing a brand new deadbolt, it is much better to rely on professional expertise instead of attempting to do it by yourself. It doesn’t matter how handy you fancy yourself to be. 

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