Do You Need to Change Your Locks?

Do You Need to Change Your Locks?

Every so often, it’s good practice to change your locks.

Every so often, it’s good practice to change your locks. Maybe your old locks have worn down, for instance. Or you’ve decided to install a new door, and part of the installing the new hardware means your existing keys no longer work. In any case, here are a few situations in which it’s a good idea to update your locks.

You Moved

Let’s say you just moved into your new dream home this summer. One of the most important security tips for new homeowners is to change your locks. You never know who might come around, and who still holds the keys even though by all rights they shouldn’t have access anymore. If you are in a rental property, such as an apartment, you should talk to the management office about getting new locks put in.

Your Relationship Ended

It’s an exciting milestone when you buy your first home with your significant other. Something less exciting but still a part of life is when that relationship comes to an end. An amicable parting is one thing, but relationships can end on a sour note as much as they can on a bittersweet one. In this situation, you should also get the locks changed. Friends and roommates will eventually move on as well, so make sure they leave their keys behind before they go.

You Lost Your Keys

Let’s say you dropped your keys on your way home from work but didn’t notice until it was too late. Or you left your wallet and keys in the laundry room, and now they’ve gone missing. While there are smartphone apps and key attachments that will help you find your lost keys, it’s entirely possible that your keys will be gone. Whenever this happens, it’s a good idea to change your locks, especially if you live by yourself.

You Need New Locks

As we noted above, your locks will wear out at some point. Whether its rust, corrosion or the mechanisms stop working, you should get new locks before you can no longer enter your home without resorting to climbing through a window or having to get in around back. An older lock is also easier to break through, tamper with, or pick. Picking a lock isn’t as simple as it looks in movies and on TV, but it can still happen. You need to be prepared for that, even if it never does.

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