Why You Need to Have Deadbolt Locks

Why You Need to Have Deadbolt Locks

Your home and family deserve to be as secure as possible. One way to ensure that’s the case is to install deadbolt locks.

Your home and family deserve to be as secure as possible. One way to ensure that’s the case is to install deadbolt locks. If you don’t already have these locks, then now is the time to get them. Although you could try to add them yourself, you’re much better off if you call the professional locksmiths at Village Lock and Key and have them do it for you.


Let’s start by looking at the benefits of deadbolt locks. While standards locks can be overcome with crowbars, lock bumping, and lock picking, this can’t happen to a deadbolt lock. Deadbolt locks are designed to be much heavier and sturdier than conventional locks are. Because of their strength and density, they put up more resistance when an intruder attempts to break into your home. This can help deter burglars since they won’t be able to gain access, and they will end up choosing a different target instead.

How They Work

Most deadbolts are made of hardened steel. They’re easy to find and well worth the investment. The deadbolt embeds inside a hidden hole in the doorjamb. Then a striking plate holds the whole contraption together. Studs and screws also help keep everything in place. When a single deadbolt is in use, it needs a key to open it from the outside and a twist lock to open or close it on the inside. Double cylinder deadbolts, on the other hand, are somewhat different because they offer more protection by requiring multiple keys to lock and unlock.

Double Deadbolts

Although double deadbolts can increase the security of your home, there are some common sense precautions you will need to take once they are on your doors. Keep the key in easy reach in case of a fire or other emergency that will require you to make a quick escape. Everyone in your family needs to know where to find it as well. However, if your door is positioned near a window, don’t keep it in plain sight where an intruder could easily steal it. Leaving the key in the lock is also ill-advised, even though you think it will be there for any eventuality and you won’t have to waste time looking for it while you or your family members are panicking during an emergency. Taking chances like that is too much of a risk.

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