Do You Need New Locks for Your Home?

Do You Need New Locks for Your Home?

Keep your home safe with new locks!

Getting new locks isn’t something you should stress yourself out about – getting it done is the real kicker. Luckily, by reading our guide, it should cut down on all the time you need to spend researching which type of lock you should get. You can also consult the expertise of the professional locksmiths that you know can get the job done right every time.

Electronic Locks

It’s much more common to see electronic locks mounted on commercial buildings, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have them as part of your home’s security system. If you have ever used a keypad lock to enter your garage or use one to lock and unlock a hidden safe, then you have encountered an example of an electronic lock.

Doorknobs and Levers

The use of doorknobs and door levers are far more commonly seen in many homes. Let’s talk about the doorknobs first, since they are used for doors both inside and outside your house. Compared to other types of locks, they are incredibly affordable. They’re also surprisingly easy to install, but you should still rely on professional expertise to make sure that it is done right; loose screws can cause the doorknob to fall off and you don’t want that to happen.

Now then, let’s talk about the levers that are attached to deadbolts that are commonly connected to doorknob locks. You may also see them in commercial settings, in schools, in hotels, and in hospitals. You don’t have to twist your wrist and spin the knob, instead, you simply push down the lever. This setting improves the accessibility of the door and in some cases can help meet the same ADA requirements that professional buildings and government facilities are required to follow.


We cannot stress enough on how important deadbolts are. Even if your front door has a simple lock on it, adding a deadbolt can make the door even more secure. The holes for deadbolts are almost always there, which means your locksmith will have a much easier time installing a replacement should you ever need one. You can choose between single-cylinder and double-cylinder depending on your needs, but it’s you’ll see the single-cylinder much more often.

Sliding Doors

We now turn our attention to a sliding door. Although your front door has a deadbolt and a knob lock, your sliding door does not have these fixtures. A simple push lock can lock and unlock the door, along with the horizontal Charlie bar that prevents the door from sliding open when you don’t want it to do that.

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