Do You Have Problems with Car Keys?

Do You Have Problems with Car Keys?

Just like house keys, your car keys can be warped and twisted over time due to one factor or another.

It’s bad enough during the winter that you are reluctant to go outside in the wintertime. Let’s say you’re running late for work or some holiday gathering. The last thing you need is not being able to find your keys. Even if you do, you might still run into other problems relating to your car keys. Let’s find out what they are!

Keys Are Bent 

The first problem to consider is a bent car key. Just like house keys, your car keys can be warped and twisted over time due to one factor or another. Bent keys might fit into the ignition slot, but they won’t be able to flip the internal switch that starts the engine. Luckily, with a small hammer, you can straighten the key out again.

Keys Are Worn Down 

Your car keys might also be worn down from years of wear and tear. This situation is especially problematic when you have an older vehicle. You have two options: replace the key you have been using, or attempt to wake the car up with a spare key if you have one. If not, get in touch with either the dealer or a locksmith you can trust. That way, you can have a brand new key cut for you without any further hassle.

Wrong Key

Sometimes, you just have the wrong key. If you and your partner have different cars, then you might have grabbed an incompatible set of car keys by accident. You might also be trying to start the key with your house keys. While this sounds ridiculous, it does happen – along with the reverse where you try to unlock your house’s front door with your car keys. 

Other Potential Issues

There are numerous other reasons why your car keys aren’t working. It might have to do with the inner workings of your car’s ignition system and not the keys you are attempting to turn. So what are some related problems? Perhaps the steering wheel is in the wrong position. This can stick up the lock and prevent you from inserting a key or extracting one.

Also, make sure that the car’s gear has been set to park. Even if your foot is on the brake, that doesn’t mean the motor is off. Once you reset the car into park as opposed to drive or reverse, you can make the key work again. 

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