Protecting Your Business Against Theft Complaints

Protecting Your Business Against Theft Complaints

One of the potential risks of running a business involves theft protection.

One of the potential risks of running a business involves theft protection. There is only so much that access control systems, biometric security, and surveillance cameras can do. While all three measures are versatile, they do have weaknesses that can be exploited by determined intruders. That’s why there are other measures you can deploy to help lower the incidence of theft and other crimes within your office or commercial location.

More Durable File Cabinets

While many agencies and firms are heavily investing in the cloud, many retail locations and noncorporate stores still rely on file cabinets for storing records and other vital documents. This organizational system can help keep track of customer records, inventories, and other assets. Two potential downfalls of relying on cabinets to look out for are the threat of fire and theft. Stolen documents, especially those relating to sensitive financial data, can lead to massive information leaks that will make your workplace look bad. Protect these items inside file cabinets that are fireproofed and secured against employee tampering.

New Alarm Systems

Older alarm systems might not work as well as their modern counterparts. That’s why all businesses, no matter what industry they are in, can benefit from new alarm systems. For best results, these alarms should be installed by knowledgeable locksmiths who can diagnose and fix any future problems. These systems should also be paired with a monitoring service that can notify the authorities after first inquiring to ensure that a false alarm wasn’t triggered by accident. 

Video Cameras

As noted above, video cameras are not infallible. Choosing to upgrade to modernized systems and pulling away from outdated technology are two of the best decisions you can make when it comes to securing your business. One of your top priorities should be to protect all employees, customers, retail items,  data, and technology. 

Commercial Grade Safes

Consider the merits of commercial-grade safes. These safes are designed to be more resilient and harder to crack into than their residential-grade cousins. Installing safes can also help guard cashflow since revenues will continue to come in a steady stream.  These safes are especially useful for saving loose cash and credit cards until it is time to use them again. Any thieves who force their way in after-hours (or even during business hours, as is the case with many banks and other financial institutions) will often target money and other forms of currency before stealing anything else that could be considered valuable. 

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