Recovering Your Keys After Leaving Them in Your Car

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If you have locked your keys in your car before, you know the panic that can quickly wash over you

If you have locked your keys in your car before, you know the panic that can quickly wash over you. The mere thought of it is chilling! It’s such a stressful situation, and it can put a real hold on the rest of your day. However, it’s essential to keep a level head and remember that there are solutions to this problem. It’s not a big deal whatsoever, and many of us end up doing this at some point in our lives. With that being said, let’s look at how you can navigate leaving your keys in your car and what to do in case you find yourself in this unfortunate predicament. 

Check That You Can’t Get in Another Way

You’d feel pretty silly if you ended up spending all day worrying about your keys being locked in your car only to realize one of the passenger doors is unlocked. Simple solutions like this are often overlooked in stressful times, so make sure there aren’t other entryways to get in your car. Modern vehicles often have driver services to help get their owners back in even if they locked their keys out, so if you pay for such a service, be sure to use it.

Take Advantage of Spare Keys

If you own a car, you should have more than one set of keys for it. This is because locking yourself out is such a likely scenario that you should have spare keys somewhere in your home. If you can bring someone to fetch those spares for you, your problem is going to be instantly solved. You may not have spares, but locking yourself out is a good learning lesson: have a spare set made and keep them somewhere safe in case you ever need them.

Try a DIY Solution

If you look up DIY solutions to getting into your locked car, you’re going to see quite the gambit of possibilities. Slim jims, shoelaces, and more can be used to get back into your vehicle. This all depends on how your car locks, what state your vehicle is in, and what you have available to you. Often, DIY solutions aren’t the best because they can be ineffective and even make some folks think you’re stealing your own car!

Bring in a Pro

Unfortunately, you may have to call a professional who has the necessary skills and tools to get you back inside your car. Full-service locksmiths, roadside assistance companies, or even police officers, can sometimes be used to help you get back into your vehicle. Calling someone to help you is going to be more cost-effective than the alternative (which at this point is pretty much just smashing your own window in!). Don’t feel embarrassed and reach out to someone who can help you get on your way.

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