How to Tell If Your Locks Have Been Damaged

How to Tell If Your Locks Have Been Damaged

What are the signs of damaged locks from a botched tampering attempt?

Have your new locks encountered some mishap? Unwanted visitors or malicious pranksters could just be going around your neighborhood breaking locks in an attempt to bypass them and gain unlawful entry into your home or business. What are the signs of damaged locks from a botched tampering attempt?

Recognizing Broken Locks

The holidays are a busy time when most of us will be away from home, either traveling abroad or putting in extra hours at work. That means it is an ideal time for intruders or burglars to attempt to access your home when you’re not there. If you think you’ve been the victim of a break-in, just stay calm. Have any of your possessions disappeared? These may not necessarily be signs of intrusion. But if your windows, doors, and locks appear to be damaged, then it’s possible someone has tried to enter illegally.

Different Types of Lock Damage

Forced Entry: Forced entry is the most frequently attempted tactic by intruders. Smashing locks with a hammer, disabling deadbolts with a drill, or just kicking the door down or pushing on it with a shoulder to force their way through are all common strategies. For instance, if the lock looks out of place, it could be a sign that fake locksmith attempted to change something but didn’t do a clean job of it. Are the latches cracked?  If they are, that’s another potential sign, too.

The Bumping Technique: In the bumping technique, a key is turned into a makeshift saw. The modified key is inserted into a lock that it fits, where it is then tapped several times until the locks give way. Scratches around the keyhole and metal components that indicate tool damage could also point to the use of the bumping technique.

Picking Attempts: Picking the lock is the classic attempt of entering stealthily instead of violently.. Small tools are used to coerce the locks to open, much like in the bumping technique.

Avoiding Future Incidents

Part of avoiding future incidents is learning from what has happened. Even if you have just moved into a new home, you might want to consider changing your locks again. You can also upgrade your locks to be digital – including security access panels alongside the traditional lock and key setup. Combine your locks with a system designed to keep your entire home safe, too.

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