The Evolution of Locksmithing

The Evolution of Locksmithing

You may not realize this, but the profession of locksmithing is actually far older than you might think.

As long as people have needed to secure their homes and belongings, they have needed a locksmith. You may not realize this, but the profession of locksmithing is actually far older than you might think. Here is a look at the evolution of locksmithing.

Ancient History

Civilization isn’t as old as you think. Think back to four thousand years ago, what do you imagine? The first pyramids being built, maybe? The first societies were becoming prosperous enough to be building structures and developing scientific and mathematical concepts that we still depend on today. Early locks were made of wood, but since they were difficult to deal with, locksmithing became a valuable skill and profitable business. It’s just as valuable today as it was back then.

The Development of Metal Locks

Centuries passed, and technological innovations followed for just about every part of life. The Romans improved on the original wooden locks pioneered by earlier cultures. Even so, the invention of metal locks did not immediately mean that wooden locks were going the way of the dinosaur. Metal locks soared in popularity long after the Romans were gone – in the 18th century or so when new techniques in metalworking allowed more effective keys and locks to be made. However, this meant one thing for locksmiths: they had to become specialists.  

The Rise of Locksmithing

As we approach the modern day, locksmithing becomes even more specialized than ever before. Some locksmiths will only work on residential properties, and others will only work on commercial or government properties. A locksmith can build a new lock on your door, drill through one, or let you back into your car if you need them to; but even with the switch to specialization, locksmithing has become the basis for a variety of security services, such as installing and maintaining access control systems.

Want to Be a Locksmith?

Have you ever noticed that you are particularly good at opening and closing locks? Then you should consider becoming a locksmith or safe technician. Turn your talent into your life’s work. Keys, locks, and deadbolts are so easy to find these days that you can test your locksmithing skills even without being a licensed and certified professional. But when it comes to securing your home, you need to rely on the expertise of experienced locksmiths, such as the experts at Village Lock & Key.

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