Are You Thinking About Installing a Smart Lock?

Are You Thinking About Installing a Smart Lock?

Keeping your home secure doesn’t have to be hard. One way to upgrade your current lock-and-key systems is to choose a smart lock instead.

Keeping your home secure doesn’t have to be hard. One way to upgrade your current lock-and-key systems is to choose a smart lock instead. Did you know that they rely on rechargeable batteries? Or that they pull in plenty of charges whenever you activate the lock? It’s all true! If you’re going to get a smart lock, then here are some things you should know before you get started

Always Shut the Door 

Even with a smart lock in place, you’ve got to make sure that the door is completely closed. If you have an older home, this piece of advice becomes even more important. That’s because there could be a slight misalignment that you’ve never seen before. Find out where this alignment problem is and get it fixed. That way, the deadbolt can operate as expected, especially if you tend to lock and unlock the door via a remote keyfob or something like a garage door opener remote that you keep in your car. 

Their Thumb-Turn Plates Are Bigger 

The thumb-turn plates attached to smart locks are also bigger than their conventional counterparts. The door lock needs to have plenty of space around it – that way you can mount a smart lock and ensure that it is much more secure than you might think it needs to be. Decorations or trim around a lock can be a potential problem, so you might want to consider removing them. 

Get the Same Lock Brand 

Think about the lock cylinders that are attached to your doors right now. It’s likely that you rarely do and take these cylinders for granted. Depending on the brand of lock you have, you might come to find out that the same number and set of pins are inside all of them. What this means is that you can use one key – a master key if you will – instead of carrying multiple keys just to get inside. 

It Can Pair with the Deadbolt 

It’s easy to assume that installing a smart lock means getting rid of the deadbolt configuration. This isn’t the case. In fact, your new smart lock can pair with the deadbolt you’ve always had. Besides, keeping the deadbolt means you can still use a conventional lock-and-key setup in case the smart lock fails for some reason. 

Talk to Your Landlord 

When you own a home, you can decide what security measures to use. However, let’s suppose that you live in a rental property such as an apartment or townhouse. In this situation, you’ll need to speak to your landlord or property manager about what to do. The landlord or manager could agree on the condition that you provide them with the access code or a duplicate key. 

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