Using High-Security Locks to Protect Your Business

Using High-Security Locks to Protect Your Business

Investing in high-security locks may already seem like overkill.

Investing in high-security locks may already seem like overkill. After all, you have access control systems, biometric locks, and even heavily-secured safes to keep the most valuable items under lock and key. But how can you use high-security locks to help improve the security of your business? Let’s find out. 

Comparing to Standard Locks

First of all, let’s compare high-security locks to their conventional counterparts. For one thing, the high-security locks rely on a different technique for cutting the keys that are associated with them. Plus, many regular locks can be overcome by two burglary skills: picking and bumping. The best locksmiths will know how to defend against these tricks, though. That’s part of why investing in a locksmith to evaluate and overhaul your system of locks and keys is worth it. The biggest problem with lock picking and bumping is that they’re hard to detect. It won’t look like anything is amiss. 

Defending Against Lock Picking

Fortunately, high-security locks increase your already considerable defenses. Although many locks are designed differently and often look different, the shapes and sizes are only there to catch the eye or make the lock and door handle easier to manipulate, especially for users who have physical disabilities or age-related conditions. Lock picking, bumping, and pumping can break through locks, especially if they are too old and worn-out and are in desperate need of being replaced. Small tools are used to move the internal gears and tumblers of the lock to get it to open, even without the real key. Bumping needs a key, but also a small hammer to tap on the cylinder. Eventually, the pins will unlock and allow access.

Providing Better Protection

All in all, high-security locks live up to their name. They provide you with better protection all over your business campus, both inside and outside the main building. Since the keys are angled, the locks are harder to tamper with; side locking bars and steel balls also create more obstructions. So if an enterprising intruder attempts to use a drill to punch through, they’ll find themselves thwarted. 

Considering More Benefits

There are plenty of other benefits for you to think about as well. For example, you can reset the lock whenever you need to – and this means that you won’t need to completely replace the lock if one of the keys goes missing! Serial numbers and cloud technology can also work to make keys a thing of the past. 

Selecting the Best System 

If you still need help choosing the best systems, then give us a call, contact us, or walk into our shop! 

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