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Welcome to Village Lock & Key! We are proud to unveil our beautiful new website and our brand new blog.

Welcome to Village Lock & Key! We are proud to unveil our beautiful new website and our brand new blog. As this is our first posting, we thought we should introduce ourselves and give you more information about us. You’ll learn about our company’s history, the services we can offer to residential, commercial, and governmental clients, and how to reach us. Here at Village Lock & Key, we are your one-stop shop for all of your locksmith and security needs, and we hope you’ll trust us to fulfill those needs for years to come.

Our Company History

Humble Beginnings: The 1980s were a time of massive changes for our country. But in 1987, the first company that would later grow to include Village Lock & Key saw its humble beginnings. Carroll T. “Sonny” Croson bought out Woodlawn Locksmith Service. Woodlawn Locksmith Service was located on Johnnycake Road in Westview, MD, and was the company that would form the foundation for Village Lock & Key. After purchasing Woodlawn Locksmith Service, Sonny was able to found American Lockworks, Inc. American Lockworks, Inc. would then be where Sonny’s values crystallized: top-quality customer service, sharing the wealth of locksmith knowledge and experience he had accrued, and providing the best locksmith services he could offer.

Both the company and its headquarters remained at the Johnnycake Road location for years, and as the years passed, American Lockworks Inc. grew as well. For the next seven or eight years (1987-1994) Sonny bought up other smaller locksmith companies that would fill out the American Lockworks brand. These businesses included:

  • Midway (1987)
  • Village Lock & Key (1992)
  • Ellicott City Lock & Key (2006)

Moving on Up: At the time Village Lock & Key was first purchased, it only had two locations: one was a storefront in the Mall in Columbia, and the other was a small kiosk in the Laurel Mall. However, the kiosk in Laurel Mall only lasted a few years before closing down. Happily, the Columbia location thrived as a mainstay in the Mall until 1994. In 1994, the old site that was once home to Village Lock & Key gave way to a McDonald’s, and at that point, we found a new home. Village Lock & Key moved to new premises, both for the shop and its headquarters. This new location was 8970 Route 108, still in Columbia. We’ve stayed at this address until the present day, where you can find us today.

Still Growing: Did you know that we are now the only locksmith business with a retail store in all of Howard County? This fact is a point of pride for us, and we’ve been proud of it for 30 years. Even with some significant changes to our family since our move, we’re still growing and thriving.

Sadly, Sonny lost his battle with cancer. He passed away on January 8, 2011, but we weren’t without new leadership for long. His wife, San, took charge as the company’s new owner for Village Lock & Key while Bill and Maria LeTourneau took responsibility for the company’s everyday operations. Sonny was a influential presence at our shop, working Monday through Friday, striving to make our shop the best it could be. He managed to maintain this busy schedule until a month before he passed. We were all devastated by his loss, as he set a magnificent example, demonstrating the work ethic, dedication, and compassion that has set us apart from our competition for the last 30 years.

The Difference We Make: Thanks to all of our growth, we now have three technicians who operate full-time as mobile experts. We also have two full-time technicians in the store. Our decades of experience make a tremendous difference, and you’ll soon see why. We specialize in several locksmith services, namely sales, service, repair, and installation. Keep reading to learn more about the services we can provide!

Residential Services

Computer Precision Keying: We use computers to ensure our key-cutting process is precise. Whatever lock or key you need, you can rest assured they will all fit the first time you try it. The locks and keys we provide are superior to what you could get from your regular hardware store, so your home will be even more secure than ever before.

Safe Sales: Keep your vital papers, keepsakes, and memories secure with a new safe. Safes can be used to store and protect other valuables such as firearms and ammunition, money, and jewelry, among others.

New and Used Safes: For both residential and commercial customers, we offer brand new and previously used safes. Whether these safes are meant to be proof against fire or burglary, you can find them here!

High-Security Options: If you need higher security options, we can assist you as well. Not only will our consulting services help you determine the level of security your home needs, but we also serve as the area’s preferred Medeco high-security locksmith service provider. If you need keyless entry systems, rekeying, or assistance in case you’re locked out, just call on us!

Trust Us: You can trust us! Any other service you find from a quick Internet search could just be a letdown or a security risk. Instead, choose professionals who are experienced, insured, licensed, and bonded.

Commercial Services

Commercial Services and Partnerships: For over 30 years, we have been the top choice for commercial locksmith services in Howard County. We can provide a multitude of services for your business and serve as the partner you need. All of our pricing is upfront, with no hidden fees. Our professionalism is another point of pride, and we guarantee our services for up to 60 days plus any relevant warranties.

Safes: We sell and repair safes. Keep all your valuables, inventory, and assets well-protected!

Integrated Access Control: With sales, installation, and repair services for integrated access control systems, we can help you define employee-only areas and help keep your customers and buildings secure.

Property Management Services: Whether you’re in Howard County or the areas around it, we can provide property management services as well. Do you operate a condominium building? What about several hundred apartments? Either way, let us handle all your locksmith and rekeying needs to help lower your liability rates.

Lock and Key Services: If you need industrial lock repairs or preventative maintenance, we’re just a call away. Magnetic, desk and file cabinet, and combination locks are more items we offer and provide service for if you need them. Do you need rekeying or master key sales, service, and repair? You’re in luck. More importantly, we can sell you keypad locks from Trilogy and Unican. We’ll also handle installation and any yearly maintenance requirements.

Governmental Services

High-Security Locks: For any government office, high-security locks are of the utmost importance. We can install, service, and repair three different types of high-security lock: the Kaba Mas CD X-10, Kaba Mas CD X-09, and Lockmasters LKM 7003.

Installation and Repair: Even the best high-security locks money can buy aren’t much to speak of without correct installation and repair. Our skilled technicians will install new locks and ensure your current locks are in optimal condition. If you need repairs, we promise same-day or next-day service.

GSA Containers: GSA containers are used to store the most sensitive of classified items. These might include equipment, funds,and weapons. Whichever GSA container you choose to purchase from us, they both have the levels of GSA approval and certification that they need. Class 5 containers can store weapons or top secret information. Meanwhile, Class 6 containers can protect valuable documents, schematics, and maps.

Class 5 containers can be:

  • Cabinet-style containers
  • Map and plan containers
  • Weapon storage containers
  • IPS containers

Class 6 containers, however, can take the form of:

  • Filing cabinets
  • Map and plan style containers

Village Lock & Key is the Key to Your Success!

You might wonder, what makes us unique? We’re the only locksmith shop in all of Howard County, Maryland. Visit our shop at 8970C Old Annapolis Road in Columbia, or reach us over the phone at 410-997-5969 (local calls) or toll-free at 800-966-9911. Are you on social media? Come and find us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn!


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