How Well Do You Know Your Locksmith Vocabulary?

How Well Do You Know Your Locksmith Vocabulary?

Locksmith trainees should do everything they can to familiarize themselves with the tools of the trade.

Locksmith trainees should do everything they can to familiarize themselves with the tools of the trade. They’ll also need to brush up on well they know the vocabulary and jargon that could be incomprehensible to anyone who doesn’t work in the locksmithing industry. However, learning about these terms and phrases is just as useful for ordinary homeowners to research, so they know what their friendly neighborhood locksmith is talking about whenever there is a lockout or hardware replacement project to complete.

Slim Jims

What did you do the last time you locked yourself out of your car? Did you call for roadside assistance? As a locksmith in training, you’re bright enough to think of another solution. Slim jims are pieces of thin metal used to help wedge open the lock on a car door, especially if the keys have been left inside. Though these are often associated with unlawful activities, they are also legally purchasable. Unfortunately, this has also meant that automakers are canny enough to create defenses designed to defeat them.

Lock Pick Guns

Then again, if you are an aspiring locksmith, you’ll know what a lock pick gun is. For those not in the know, These tools help you open any pin tumbler locks that you come across in the course of your duties. Since they’re equipped with needles made of metal, the picks work more quickly and efficiently in unlocking the mechanism holding the door closed. The pins are shaken up enough that they move up, which in turn open the tumblers and release the lock.

Clutch Head Screws

Sometimes you’ll need to work with screws when trying to fix a lock or open one up. That’s why it’s important to know what clutch head screws are. These screws are engineered to resist a screwdriver turning them, but drills can remove them. However, although this is a headache-inducing security measure, it is meant to prevent lock tampering by thieves and other intruders.


An escutcheon is an old-fashioned word for a shield that a knight would use. Once you learn more about what a modern escutcheon does, you will begin to see why. It is a shield for the keyhole associated with a lock. However these are most often seen on mortise locks, so they might not be as common as you might expect. Still, it is a useful term to know, for both homeowners and apprentice locksmiths, since it makes it easier to communicate what the problem is. Then everyone will understand how to fix it and make the process much easier to finish.

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