Where Should I Hide My Spare Key?

Where Should I Hide My Spare Key?

As frustrating as being locked out of your house can be, it doesn’t have to be. The solution is to have a spare key.

We’ve all been there before. We accidentally locked ourselves out again while running errands. As frustrating as being locked out of your house can be, it doesn’t have to be. The solution is to have a spare key. Spare keys are a great idea for almost anywhere you go on a regular basis that you have permission to enter. After all, that’s what a key symbolizes: permission. But once you go ahead and make a duplicate key, the next question becomes, where’s the best place to hide it?

Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe

You need to be able to hide your spare key in a safe spot. It doesn’t always have to be a complete secret, but you’ll still need a secret-keeper. There shouldn’t be any reason why the location of your extra is known to anyone that you don’t want to possess that information. So, do the following:

  • Hide it with your neighbor: Hopefully, you get along with your neighbor. Or you are only a few houses from relatives such as your parents or grandparents. In any case, hide your spare key with a neighbor you can trust. They might, in turn, entrust you with theirs.
  • Inside a magnetic box: If you go out of town quite often and need someone to come and dogsit, you might hide a key inside a magnetic box in your covered mailbox. It won’t look obvious at first glance, especially if your mailbox is mounted near your front door instead of on a pole by your curb.
  • Inside your doghouse: Yes, you can keep your spare key inside your doghouse. Any potential intruders will want to stay clear of your trusty pet.
  • With a fake sprinkler: This tip might make more sense in the warmer months when a sprinkler left out in the yard is nothing out of the ordinary. Also, if you don’t already have a sprinkler system, then this might not be the best trick to use.

If There’s a Door, Then There Must Be a Key

Unfortunately, there are just as many bad places to hide a spare key as there are good hiding places. Here are some examples of places where hiding your spare key is far too obvious.

  • Under the welcome mat: Don’t do this, since it is all too easy to find it.
  • Inside a flower pot: Although it’s convenient, it’s also bound to be one of the first places someone unsavory will think to look.
  • Inside a fake rock: While false rocks are the classic way to hide a spare key, they’ve become so much of a cliche nowadays that you’re better off using the trick sprinkler system.
  • Or in your wallet: You might think this is smart, but it’s not. After all, you never know when someone might swipe your wallet – and have both your address and a key to get in at the same time.  

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