What You’ve Got to Know About Tubular Locks

What You’ve Got to Know About Tubular Locks

On your way to becoming one of the best locksmiths around, you’re going to learn more about the different types of locks that are offered today.

On your way to becoming one of the best locksmiths, you’re going to learn more about the different types of locks that are offered today. Finding out how to deal with these locks when you encounter them is part of your on-the-job-training experience. Here’s what you’ve got to know about one example: the tubular lock

They Are High-Security Locks 

First of all, you should know that tubular locks serve as high-security locks. They’re similar to both padlocks and combination locks. However, they aren’t as common, which means they are harder to break through just because they are so rare. In ordinary locks, all of the springs would be the same size. This isn’t the case with tubular locks, as they forced lock-and-key technology to evolve alongside them. Instead, you’ll notice that the springs are of different sizes

They Have Three Components 

Tubular locks consist of three pieces: the cylinder, the imprint, and the ring. The imprint has six-to-eight pins in it. These pins also move up-and-down, which is different from other sets that normally move side-to-side. You’ll find the lock pins and drivers hidden inside the lock itself; look at the key to see the difference. The tubular lock’s key carries a notch on it that allows a circular key to open a rectangular lock

Techniques for Opening Tubular Locks

There are three methods for opening this type of lock. Let’s go over them. There’s the single pin pick, also know as the SPP. Make a quarter rotation and then try to turn the lock. Although it is slow, it has the highest chance of success. The second method is called the standard pick. This could be the most useful tool, depending on the circumstances in which you find yourself. Compared to other ways of opening the lock this is also a good method for achieving success. You just have to make sure that you’ve calibrated the pick correctly; once you have, you can also use it as a key to bypass the lock. The third technique is known as the advanced lockpick. These lockpicks move the wires and pins that you can’t see but are inside the lock. The downside of this method is that although it works, it will dull the lockpicks. That’s why you need to carry extras with you! 

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