Integrated Access Control

Integrated access control systems are an essential part of securing modern businesses and properties. Successful integrated access control systems should provide flexible solutions for your business so that it’s safe during business hours and long after closing. As traditional mechanical locks and keys are not failsafe, it’s critical that your business has an integrated access control plan that incorporates electronic, keyless, and/or mechanical locks.


Electronic locks are very easy to use and provide you with a greater level of security. With electronic locks, there’s also a dramatically decreased risk of illegally duplicated entry methods or keys. Replacing lost or damaged entry cards is also more affordable. Electronic locks also don’t need to be rekeyed. Instead, they can quickly and easily be reprogrammed. Electronic entry methods can increase your perimeter security and work in conjunction with other methods in the event of a power outage.

Electronic access control methods are also an excellent way to track and restrict what is going on inside of your building. Electronic access control can be used to keep track of who accessed different parts of the building, restrict visitor access, and set and revoke individual access privileges. Electronic access control records can also be used to show proof of compliance or during an audit. Aside from electronic access control system installation, Village Lock & Key can also provide service and repair.


Keyless entry systems consist of a door lock with a traditional handle or knob or a simple deadbolt and keypad. Keyless locks are great for entry points to your business for employees who are not trusted with keys or as an additional measure of security in an already-secure area. You can quickly and easily change the code for keyless locks as employees leave or every week to maintain a higher level of security. Village Lock & Key can install a variety of keyless lock systems including models that are weatherproof for outdoor use.


Traditional mechanical lock and key methods will always have a place in a secure commercial property. Power failures can occur, and less-sensitive areas of the property can benefit from affordable mechanical locks. Every electronic access control system has a mechanical lock override in the case of an emergency, so incorporate at least a few essential mechanical locks into your integrated access control plan.

Integrated Access Control from Village Lock & Key

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