Lock Services

Maintaining your high security locks is integral to protecting your business, your information, and your employees. Village Lock & Key is your preferred local Medeco high security service provider. Our high security lock consulting services can determine which locks are right for your business’s needs. We know that no two businesses are alike, so you need a custom high security lock system solution that works perfectly for you.

Kaba Mas CD X-10

The Kaba Mas CD X-10 lock is one of the most widely-used high security locks. You can find this incredibly secure lock at countless commercial facilities and keeping the government’s most sensitive material safe. Village Lock & Key provides Kaba Mas CD X-10 installation and sales to our valued commercial customers. The Kaba Mas CD X-10 lock can be used in government applications to secure Class 5 and Class 6 filing cabinets and vault doors.


Medeco is an industry leader in high security locks. Village Lock & Key is an approved Medeco high security lock dealership, and we can sell, install, and repair the Medeco high security locks at your business. Our professional high security lock consultants can help you choose from our comprehensive selection of Medeco cylinder locks, deadbolts, commercial levers, knobs, handle sets, cam locks, padlocks, and more.

Industrial Lock Repair

The expert lock technicians at Village Lock & Key can repair and service industrial locks. We’re dedicated to protecting the investment you’ve made in heavy duty industrial locks and know how to keep them in optimal condition. We can also perform preventative maintenance as part of our commercial locksmith services.

Single Motion Egress Locks

Single motion egress locks are an essential part of many commercial buildings, whether you are in a hospital or an apartment building. Emergency single motion egress locks are designed so that the deadbolt and lever are linked. The interconnected device allows the deadbolt and latch to open at the same time with a single motion. The easy to open nature of single motion egress locks makes them ideal for locations where a quick emergency exit might be necessary. We offer a wide variety of single motion egress lock sales that can meet the most rigorous commercial standards.

Magnetic Locks

We provide magnetic lock sales and installation and offer a broad range of magnetic locks to meet your needs. Magnetic locks can be used to secure anything from doors to cabinets and provide a large amount of protection, depending on the magnetic lock strength.

Desk & File Cabinet Lock Sales, Installation, and Repair

You work with sensitive information every day, and protecting it during the workday or after your office closes is essential. Village Lock & Key stocks a full selection of desk and file cabinet locks designed to make your business a more organized and secure place. Lose the key or need to replace the existing locks? We have qualified and experienced locksmiths who can visit your office to install and repair your desk and file cabinet locks.

Combination Lock Sales and Services

Combination locks are some of the most commonly-used commercial locks, as they can be used to secure employee lockers, secure equipment when not in use, and more. Village Lock & Key provides excellent combination and pad lock sales and service to our commercial customers designed to meet their specific needs.

GSA Container Sales, Service, and Repair

Village Lock & Key provides GSA container sales and GSA container service to our many commercial customers adhering to the rigorous GSA standards. All of our GSA containers meet the requirements for GSA products, feature GSA-approved locks, and have been inspected and approved by a GSA security container inspector. We provide GSA container sales and service to every industry where they are used including the military, federal and state government, educational institutions, and private commercial businesses. Our skilled locksmiths are also able to repair GSA containers and their associated locks.

Lock Services from Village Lock & Key

Village Lock & Key has been providing Howard County with knowledgeable and honest lock sales, service, repair, and installation for over three decades. We’re committed to offering a comprehensive range of commercial locksmith services, residential locksmith services, and government locksmith services to customers throughout Howard County, Anne Arundel County, Baltimore County, Prince George’s County, and Montgomery County. Our locksmiths and staff are professional, reliable, and dedicated to making you satisfied every time. Contact us today to unlock unparalleled sales and service from your preferred neighborhood locksmith and retail store, Village Lock & Key.