Purchasing a safe is an investment in the safety and security of your important documents, your inventory, and the things that your business could not afford to lose. The Village Lock & Key safe sales and repair team will work with you to ensure that you choose the right safe for your budget and your security needs.

New Safes and Used Safes

We offer both new safes and gently used safes for our residential and commercial customers. Our safes include:

Fire Safes

Fire safes are constructed from thin sheets of steel or plastic molded to create a tough inner and outer shell. Fire safes are lined with insulating material to guard the contents against fire for a certain period of time. Most fire safes are designed for one to two hours of fire protection.

Burglary Safes

Burglary safes prevent your valuable objects, on-site cash, and sensitive business documents from being stolen. They’re made from solid steel or a combination of solid steel and filling material, like concrete. Burglary safes are rated according to how much protection they offer and the amount of testing that they can endure. The longer that a potential burglar is stuck trying to open your safe, the more likely it is that they’ll be caught or go somewhere else.

B-Rate Safes

B-rate safes are used to describe small safes that offer a modest amount of protection. They typically have a 0.25-inch body and 0.5-inch door and do not need to undergo any additional security testing.

C-Rate Safes

C-rate safes have a 0.5-inch thick steel box and a 1-inch thick door. C-rate safes also offer a moderate amount of protection and do not need to undergo any additional security testing.

TL-15 Safes

TL-15 safes are safes that have passed the standardized tests outlined in UL Standard 687. TL-15 safes are constructed of 1-inch solid steel or an equivalent material. TL-15 safes were tested for 15 minutes using a combination of drills, punches, hammers, pressure-applying devices, and hand tools and did not open. The TL-15 testing is done on each side of the safe to ensure that there are no weak points.

TL-30 Safes

TL-30 safes are tested for 30 minutes using the same rigorous test methods as the TL-15 safes and additional tools. This rating indicates that the safe it’s applied to is hard to crack and able to withstand 30 minutes of active attempts to gain entrance. TL-30 safes are the best option to keep your business property safe from harm.

Service & Repair

Our expert safe technicians can repair and service a wide variety of safes both on-site and off-site at our retail store in Howard County. Regular preventative safe maintenance can eliminate the need for last-minute service calls and their associated costs. Whether you need regular maintenance to ensure that your TL-30 used safe continues to work properly or emergency safe access, our skilled technicians are here to help.


Safes are designed to keep your company’s most sensitive and valuable items safe and keep unwanted intruders out. However, sometimes a combination is not working properly, or you cannot access the contents of your safe. Our safe technicians can open a wide variety of safes without needing to do damage to the structure or lock itself. We can also assess whether or not additional repairs will be necessary to have the safe in working order and change the combination.

Change Safe Combinations

If your safe combination has been compromised or a former employee with safe access has left your business, our safe experts can quickly and easily change your safe combination. We have experience working on countless types and models of safes and can easily reset your lock combination.

Expert Safe Sales and Repair from Village Lock & Key

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